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Fiberglass window screen

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Fiberglass window screen


Fiberglass screen mesh is also called invisible screen mesh or retractable screen mesh, which is applied to prevent fly and insect and air ventilation

Materials: 35% fiberglass screen with 65% PVC coating, flame resistance≦5 seconds(international standard)

Weaving method: adopting fiberglass wire with PVC coating, plain weave, heating and shape finalizing

Applications: widely used in top class office buildings, livestock fields, orchards, fly and insect resistance

The whole window screening is plain weaving by using plastic coated Single glass fiber ,The rest of the material are all made of PVC plastic and Once completed , Fission assembly, it is Solved the large gap between the traditional window screen and window frame , also solved the problem of closed lax . It is safe to use and beautiful and good sealing effect.

Materials : glass Fiber yarn, PVC-coated ( 65% PVC ,35% Glass Fiber Yarn ),Flame retardant ≤5 seconds (ISO)

Weaving and Technique: Wire drawing,plastic coated single fiberglass wire ,plain weaving,high temperature to fix the netting

Mesh:12X12mesh,14X14mesh,16X16mesh,17X15Mesh ,18X16mesh,19X17mesh,20X20mesh and so on 

Weight: 90-135g/㎡ 

Width/Roll: 24", 28", 30", 32", 36",48" and so on. (range from 0-3.0m customer-sized ) 

Length/roll: 100feet, (range from 0m-300m, or as your requirement)

Color: white,black,Grey,white&Gray (gray warp & white weft), Can be customized blue, green, yellow, brown, etc . 

Package : weave bags package ,or carton box package: 6 rolls/ctn, 8 rolls/ctn or other packing according to customers' requirements

It specially used in Invisible screen window ( screen can be automatic up and down ) or Horizontal Sliding window . it mainly used for ventilation, anti-mosquito, insect-resistant . Framework is tightly attached to the window frame, when to use the net ,Pull it down . when not use the net, it will automatically roll back to the network box .

Not occupy the space, and good sealing capability. Coordinated with high-grade household decorates.

Suit for high -grade office buildings ,residential and construction ,livestock farm ,orchard etc .it is the best protection product for the insects and flies .