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SSJ-0014 Frame within frame screen window

Model No.: SSJ-0014
SSJ-0014 Frame within frame screen window


1. Profile

Superior aluminum alloy profile with 1.2mm thickness.

Original aluminium profile, excellent toughness, long lifetime period.

Profile color: coffee, grey, white, green, champagne


2. Wire mesh

Brand: SENRISE, the famous leading brand in window screens in China.

SUS304L stainless steel security screen, 1.6mm thickness, good hardness, high tensile strength, anti collison capability (2.148 ton), 5-year quality warranty period without any rust

3. Hardware

Haijun double hooked lock: simple structure and exquisite workmanship to show the taste of householder’s life

4. Specification

Outer frame width: 46mm

Outer frame thickness: 32mm

Inner frame width: 55mm

Inner frame thickness: 23mm

5. Function

Anti theft, fire resistance, anti aging, mosquito and insect proof

6. Features

(1) Applying blue-ray anti-fake insured security screens, 12 million libility assurance and quality insurance insured by PICC, 5-year quality warranty

(2) Mesh screen are made of outer frame and inner windows, inner window and outer frame could be seperated when opening lock points and tightly pull up the inner windows

(3) Top class double hooked lock, easy opening, safety lock for children, anti theft performance

(4) Adopting edge folding processing technics, metal extruded strip and screen mesh machine are fixed to avoid stealing, applying fricting hinges, multi lock points to make screen window more safe

7. Application

Broadly applied to casement windows and sliding windows