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SSJ-0008 Hooked retractable screen window

Model No.: SSJ-0008
SSJ-0008 Hooked retractable screen window


1. Profile

Aluminum alloy profile with 1.1mm thickness

Brand: High-tech enterprise in Guangdong Province-Guangya Aluminium

Original aluminium profile, excellent toughness, long lifetime period

Profile color: white, champagne, grey

2. Wire mesh

American Brand: PHIFER fiberglass screen

Adopting imported fiberglass window screen, mesh aperture 18×16, which is featured by environmentally-friendly, anti-aging, cold and corrosion resistance, excellent light transmission, flame retardance, electrostatic proof, long lifetime period.

3. Hardware

(1) SUS304 stainless steel torsional spring: unique design, accurate combination between profile and hardware, reasonable opening strength, SUS304 stainless steel material to make sure no rust and longer lifetime period.

(2) Applying superior hydraulic damping to assure steady and smooth retraction of window screens

(3) Wind resistant card: unique PVC card design, which perfectly solve the matters on blowing off of window screens, level-12 wind test has been approved by professional inspection institute

(4) Mesh aperture: 18×16, 20×20, 26×26

(5) Screen color: black, dark grey, light grey, white, matts

4. Specification

Yam box width:61.5mm

Yam box thickness: 52.2mm

Slider width: 36mm

Slider thickness: 21mm

Bottom rail width: 36mm

Bottom rail thickness: 25.3mm

5. Function

Excellent light transmisson, easy cleaning, fly and insect resistance

6. Features

(1) Adjustable torsion: applying turbine worm structure to adjust pretightening force, customers could regulate worm based on personal interests to make sure that the speed of opening and retraction could meet the customers requirements

(2) Press-button lockup: invisible lockup device, which could lock up inside the spare parts, has the features of flexible opening and closing, eay to use, tidy apperance, stable lockup, long lifetime period

(3) Durable and lasting: self-innovative design on retractable device, durable and strong retraction, no deformation after being retracted 40000 times

(4) Exquisite production: rigorous producing requirements to assure intact appearance and quality, tiny gaps when assembling

(5) Self cleaning: the self cleaning device at the exit of Yam box could clean dust on screens automatically when opening and closing to guarantee the clean and tidy surface

7. Application

Applied to various kinds of windows and doors