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SSJ-0006 Anti-theft single hung screen window

Model No.: SSJ-0006
SSJ-0006 Anti-theft single hung screen window


1. Profile

Aluminum alloy profile with 1.2mm thickness.

Original aluminium profile, excellent toughness, long lifetime period.

Profile color: coffee, grey, white, champagne, silkwood grain


2. Wire mesh

Brand: SENRISE, the famous leading brand in window screens in China.

SUS304L stainless steel security screen with 1.6mm thickness, good hardness, high tensile strength, anti collison capability, 5-year quality warranty period.

3. Hardware

(1) Haijun Brand Child lock handle: environmentally-friendly znic alloy material, moderate hardness and tensile strength, safety lock points design to protect children’s safety

(2) SUS304 stainless steel screws: high tensile strength, no deformation, no rust

(3) Superior magnetic strip: brillant absorption capability, durable and lasting

(4) Superior wood strip: silcone oil treatment, good elasticity, water proof, anti aging, abrasion resistance

(5) Screen Selection: AkzoNobel (TOP 500) powder coated security screen. color: black, white, dark grey, light grey

4. Specification

Outer frame width: 32.5mm

Outer frame thickness: 40.9mm

Inner frame width: 33mm

Inner frame thickness: 17.9mm

5. Function

Anti theft, mosquito resistance, UV proof, no peeping, anti falling, corrosion resistance

6. Features

● Applying blue-ray anti-fake insured security screens

● Adopting edge folding processing technics, metal extruded strip and screen mesh machine are fixed to realize good anti theft and collision resistance

● Two or three sliding structure could be freely selected based on window types to avoid using effect caused by outer handles on windows

● Adopting aluminium corner brackets to make extruded models, compact connection, soild and durable, anti-theft resistance

● Safe handles for children to conveniently close screen windows and to prevent children from falling off so that safety for children could be guaranteed

● Damping slipper installed on screen windows, which is featured by stopping function to avoid getting fingers hurt

● Compact profile design with exquisite sliding design, only 0.5mm gap between windows and slider, smooth sliding on switch buttom, super quietness, good sealing, no hurt to fingers

● No occupying in the room, no wind effects, flexible to open

7. Application

Broadly applied to casement windows, window screens is exterior installed outer open single hung style