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SSJ-0009 Hinged security screen door

Model No.: SSJ-0009
SSJ-0009 Hinged security screen door


1. Profile

Aluminum alloy profile with 1.4mm thickness

Original aluminium profile, excellent toughness, long lifetime period

Profile color: coffee, grey, rosewood, silkwood


2. Wire mesh

Brand: SENRISE, the famous leading brand in window screens in China.

SUS304L stainless steel security screen with 1.6mm thickness, good hardness, high tensile strength, anti collison capability(2.148 ton), 5-year quality warranty period with no rust.

3. Hardware:

(1) HOPO hardware: simplified design, exquisite workmanship, beautiful gloss to show the elegant taste.

(2) SUS304 stainless steel screws: high tensile strength, no deformation, no rust

4. Specification

Outer frame width: 45mm

Outer frame thickness: 30mm

Inner frame width: 94.5mm

Inner frame thickness: 30mm

5. Product Design

(1) Appearance: european design style, stereoscopic arc-shape opening door and cord grip corner, cord grip with counter hook structure to make sure it could be conveniently installed, cord grip is stiff and stable after installation

(2) Structure: reasonable structure and elegant appearance could be met under the condition of good tensile strengh of structure, the decorated strip are adopted to seal the outer installed hole on hinged screen door to realize outside tidy appearance. Applying edge folding and steel strip for fixation on opening door to make sure rigid and stable installation, anti theft performance

6. Function

Anti theft, safety guard, high light transmission, fly and insect resistance, mouse and pet proof, UV resistance

7. Features

(1) Smooth linellae on outer appearance, smooth mesh surface and uniform mesh hole, luxury and fashionable appearance as a whole

(2) Heavy duty flat hinges are adopted and fixed on screen door and door frame, flexiible opening without droping, firmness and more safe

(3) Multi lock points design, open freely, effectively prevent mosquito inside the room, anti theft, simple and elegant, beautiful and durable

8. Application

Applied to casement doors and sliding doors